Bear Hunting

Title: Bear Hunting

Description: Get ready to go on a bear hunt like you've never experienced before! This exceptional game is one of just a few presented by Trijicon and developed for the sincere hunter. If you demand excellent graphics and a realistic gaming environment, then this free online hunting game is for you!

How to play - First, type your name in the field - Hunter. Next, choose between Fall Hunt and Winter Hunt. After that, you must choose the stand where you want to hunt. The stands become less challenging to more challenging in order from top to bottom. Next, you can choose the camo design for your gear. Lastly, choose between the rifle and scope or the compound bow as your sporting arm. Now click HUNT! Use the left and right arrow keys, or just hover with your mouse at the edge of the screen to scroll the terrain. You have 2 calls and binoculars at your disposal. Use them to attract a bear and get him close enough to take a shot. Use your hunting instinct and patience to bag your game!

Above all, be patient hunter! Let your prize get well within range before you get trigger happy! Fill your Trophy Room!