Turkey Hunting

Title: Turkey Hunting

Description: Get ready to enjoy another brilliant hunt presented to you by Trijicon! This game, and the others in the series, are the most realist free hunting games online today! When you play if feels as if you are really in a blind and waiting for your prize to appear. When it does appear, you must wait, call it in, be patient, and then carefully take your shot. Most times, in the wild, you only get that one shot, so you've got to make it count! Enter your name and select your choice of either a Spring or Fall Hunt.

How to play - On the left you will see a list of stands. The hunts that each stand presents will grow in difficulty from top to bottom. Choose one by clicking on it with your mouse. Next, choose the camo that you wish to use for the hunt. Lastly, choose between the Remington shotgun with Trijicon scope and the compound bow as your sporting arm. Click HUNT to begin. Press the left and right arrow keys to scroll sideways. Click on the binoculars below if you think that you've spotted something. There is a box call and a slate turkey call that you can click on to call in your bird. The RAISE and LOWER option below handles your sporting arm. Use your mouse to aim and click to fire.

You only get one shot, Wild Turkey Hunter, so make it count and bring home your bird!